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Integrity at Maryland

The vision for the Office of Student Conduct is to promote ethical development through the enforcement of campus rules, and to serve as a resource for ethics education and conflict resolution. Essential to our success is the enhancement and development of character, civility, citizenship, and individual and community responsibility among the campus community.

The purpose of the Integrity at Maryland (I AM) program is to provide students opportunities to explore issues of integrity, character, and ethics in their daily lives with the goal that students will choose to act with integrity in all that they do making the University of Maryland a true Community of Character.This reach this goal, different objectives must be achieved. They must start before as the student is entering the univeristy and continue everyday following.

Please go to our Integrity at Maryland Programs page to view the new and continuing efforts we coordinate.

Have an idea for an interesting I AM program? For more information or to get involved, contact the Office of Student Conduct at 301.314.8204 or!