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Web-based Education

Much of character and ethics education is done through encouraging personal reflection, and web-based education is a great platform for this reflective learning to occur. The Office of Student Conduct offers a number of web-based education initiatives including our ICE Campaign and Facebook page, e-thos Seminar, and Academic Integrity Seminar.

The ICE campaign is an on-going USJ effort led by the Education Team to promote integrity, character, and ethics (ICE) on campus by using programmatic, marketing, and technological elements. Visit the ICE website to access educational resources, participate in an online forum about ethical issues, post questions to USJ members, learn about common ethical scenarios, or to request an academic integrity presentation for your class or organization.

The e-thos seminar is a developmental seminar consisting of eight modules pertaining to values, ethical decision-making, integrity, and character. Students complete readings and reflective activities after each module.  The seminar is sometimes assigned as a sanction to students who violate the Code of Student Conduct or Residence Hall Rules.

The Academic Integrity Seminar is an on-line seminar required for students who receive a grade of “XF” and want to petition the Student Honor Council to have their “XF” grade changed to an “F” in a course. The seminar is also issued as a sanction for many students. Students must complete a series of readings and respond to questions to pass the seminar successfully.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at or 301.314.8204