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Integrity at Maryland Programs

Integrity at Maryland programs are designed to be interactive, educational, and fun!


  • I AM Ethics Conversation Series: The I AM Ethics Conversation Series is a series of topic-focused small group discussions and large group presentations on a range of topics and their relation to ethics including sports, religion, media, and other current topics.
  • What Matters to Me & Why Speaker Series: The things that are most important to us are most likely to shape our lives and influence our decisions? In this series, prominent individuals are asked to share their values, ethics, and what holds meaning in their lives and how these have shaped their personal and professional lives.
  • Ethics and a Movie: What can we learn from the movies? It turns out that we can learn a lot from movies, particularly about ethical decision-making. Each semester you can join us for a free movie, dinner, and a great discussion about how the situations in the movie pertain to ethics and your life. Past Ethics & a Movie programs include Crash and Shattered Glass.
  • Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Presentation (for classes or group meetings). A representative from our office of a member of the University Student Judiciary will come speak to your group about University policies and their application in the campus community. Simply click on the link to find the request form.
  • Academic Integrity Tutorial: This experience familiarizes students with the Code of Academic Integrity and how it will be a part of their lives at the University of Maryland. Go here to take the AI Tutorial: