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Office of Student Conduct

Petition to have XF Removed (Former Students & Alumni ONLY)

Petition to Replace the Grade of "XF" with grade of "F" (Former Students & Alumni ONLY)

XF Petition Requirements: As per section 29 of the Code of Academic Integrity

The student (or former student) may file a written petition to the Student Honor Council to have the grade of “XF” removed and permanently replaced with a grade of “F.” The decision to remove the grade of “XF” and replaced with an “F” shall rest in the discretion and judgment of a majority of a quorum of the Council, provided that:

a) At the time the petition is received, at least 12 months (or the sanctioned time period) shall have elapsed since the grade of “XF” was imposed;

b) At the time the petition is received, the student shall have successfully completed the non-credit, Academic Integrity seminar, administered by the Office of Student Conduct;

c) The Office of Student Conduct certifies that to the best of its knowledge the student has not been found responsible for any other act of academic dishonesty or similar disciplinary offence at the University of Maryland or another institution.

If you are petitioning and have not fulfilled all of these conditions, please explain your reasoning along with the questions provided.

Petition Guidelines
1) If your XF petition is denied, you must wait at least 12 months before you resubmit it.

2) Please note that proper use of grammar and language will be an important consideration when evaluating your petition. You are encouraged to utilize the Writing Center in writing the response to the petition.

3) You must have received notification from the Office of Student Conduct approving the Academic Integrity Seminar. (If you have not completed the Academic Integrity Seminar, you are not eligible to remove the "XF". To receive the Academic Integrity Seminar materials, email

4) Each question response should be 12 point font, Times New Roman (please type responses in Word Processor then copy and paste into text boxes below). Please do not repeat the question at the top of the answer page.

Former Student Information
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Special Note: Please do not enter Social Security Numbers in the University ID (UID) entry field below. If you do not know your UID number or one was never assigned to you, please skip this entry field and continue to next entry field
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Petition Information:
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Petition Instructions
Please answer each of the following questions. Each question should be answered concisely and thoroughly with well thought answers. All responses must be your own work. Your petition will not be considered if this form is not signed and dated. This petition will become part of your permanent disciplinary file.

Please use examples from the Academic Integrity seminar and/or your own life experience to answer the questions, if appropriate.

Please NO LESS THAN 150 words per response. Petitions with responses with less than 150 words on any question below will be rejected. 





Note: The petition may be returned to the petitioner by the committee. If the petition is returned, the committee will provide reasoning why and offer the petitioner another opportunity to resubmit the petition. In accordance with section 30 of the Code of Academic Integrity the Honor Council can refuse to reconsider a denied petition for up to four years. If a petition is denied, the petitioner can appeal the decision to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

The committee meets at minimum once per month during the months of September, October,
November, February, March, April, and May. Petitions received in months other than those listed will be held until the next month.

Please save a copy of your petition for your records!

You will be informed of the outcome of your petition in writing. If you have any questions while completing the petition please contact the Office of Student Conduct at 301-314-8204.

I certify that the responses I have provided in this petition are my own work. I understand that if I have provided false information in this petition I can be charged with further disciplinary action. *

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 * Denotes required question.