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Office of Student Conduct

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Academic dishonesty is a corrosive force in the academic life of a university. It jeopardizes the quality of education and depreciates the genuine achievements of others. Apathy or acquiescence in the presence of academic dishonesty is not neutral act. All members of the University Community - students, faculty, and staff - share the responsibility to challenge and make known acts of apparent academic dishonesty.


  1. What is academic dishonesty?
  2. How should I use the Honor Pledge?
  3. How can I prevent cheating in the classroom?
  4. How can I refer a case of academic dishonesty?
  5. How can I request a classroom presentation on the Code of Academic Integrity and the Honor Pledge?
  6. How can I serve on an Honor Review Board?
  7. How do I contact the Honor Council?

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