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Central Board

Members of the Central Board hear our most serious non-academic conduct cases which may result in a suspension or expulsion from the University. Hearing panel members are active participants questioning all parties, determining the facts, rendering a conclusion, and recommending sanctions.

Board members are trained and advised to: function as part of a team (5-7 panel members); ask clear, sensitive, and relevant questions to help determine the facts of a case; consider facts carefully; and provide recommendations for sanctions that are educational, fair, and appropriate for the offense.

Time Commitment: The time commitment varies widely depending upon the number of cases warranting a hearing. Hearing panels convene on an assigned day throughout the semester commencing at 4:00 pm. While some hearings may be quite lengthy, they usually conclude around 8:00 pm. More complex cases are continued until the following week. Board members are also expected to attend intensive training sessions at the beginning of each semester, attend monthly meetings of the Central Board and are asked to participate on one committee (e.g., selection, training) throughout the academic year.


If you have specific questions about the selection process, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at 301.314.8204 or via email at