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Community Advocates

Community Advocates assist complaining parties in Central Judicial Board, Resident Life Board, or Student Honor Council hearings. These students frequently help prepare a case prior to the hearing, make opening and closing statements, assist during questioning, and recommend sanctions to the hearing panel. The advocates investigate facts, research University policy specific to each case, provide support to complaining parties, interview witnesses, and present their findings during the hearings. Advocates must be able to work independently, present information clearly, reason effectively, and behave responsibly in potentially adversarial circumstances.

Time commitment: Each advocate is assigned several cases throughout the semester. In addition, each advocate is expected to participate in on-going training sessions and regular meetings, and to participate on one committee (e.g., selection, training). The time commitment varies widely over the course of each semester, but averages 10-15 hours monthly.


If you have specific questions about the selection process, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at 301.314.8204 or via email at